The other week, I ordered the German translation of the first Harry Potter book from Amazon. I’m not sure why, exactly, because I don’t really know German that well. (I pretty much understand the grammar, I just lack vocab.) It arrived a few days ago, and I don’t have the time or mental fortitude to actually try to read it. So in an attempt to justify my purchase, I’ve started playing a game called “open to a random page and figure out what’s going on.” (This game could use a catchier name. I’m working on it) So far, so good. It sometimes takes a couple paragraphs to figure out where I am in the book, but so far I’ve never not figured it out. #winning

I had to rush through the end of a paper the other day because it was due soon, and I began my conclusion with “In conclusion…” so my professor would recognize that it was my conclusion. Classy. In my defense, I had no idea what she expected from this conclusion. It was a proposal for a research project, so what was I supposed to say? “So that’s what I’m going to do. It’s a project that involves research.” Yeah… that’s pretty much what I ended up saying.

My a cappella group (Did I mention I made it into an a cappella group? Because I did!) was planning to have a concert this week because it’s midsems, and we tend to present our performances as study breaks, but we weren’t going to be ready in time. So instead, we’re doing a flash mob in the dhall. We’re not necessarily the best group musically, but we’re definitely the coolest. (I’m not biased at all.)

Speaking of midsems, guess who doesn’t have any? THIS GIRL. Everyone around me is freaking out because they have a million exams and papers, and I’m just chillin’. I have one paper to write for Friday, but it’s not a major paper, and last time I had one for this class, I wrote it the afternoon it was due and got an A, so I’m not concerned. (Ideally, I would start this paper sooner than that, though.) And then it’s FALL BREAK. WOOHOO. Because of this, there will be times when neither of my roommates is here, and I’ll temporarily have a three room single. I can deal with this.

My life is awesome, guys.

Do ALL the homework!

Guys. I haven’t even been procrastinating that much, I swear. But it’s 1:15 in the morning, and I’m still one and two-halves problems away from completing my problem set for math, I have a paper and a blog post to write for my lit class (though thankfully not due until midnight tomorrow night), and an analytical paragraph to write in German about a story I have yet to read. So, naturally, I’m blogging. It’s a study break. (Admittedly, I’ve been intermittently study breaking ever since I turned my laptop on an hour and a half ago to check the name of someone in one of my classes. I have done some work, though. And my battery’s about to die and there aren’t any outlets around, so it’s not like I can waste that much more time.)

You know what’s actually stressing me out the most? The blog post I have to write for my class. You’d think I’d be pretty comfortable with this idea, but I’m irrationally terrified. MY CLASSMATES ARE GOING TO READ IT AND JUDGE ME. I really don’t want to do this.

I was trying to do research for a linguistics project earlier today, but it’s remarkably difficult to find information on my topic. (I want to do it on the effect learning a second language can have on your first language, but almost every single search I did turned up information about the first language affecting the second. Lame.) And then I found an abstract for a paper that seemed perfect and was actually able to find the full-text document, and it was written in Chinese. So that was useful.

Also, I had a pack of gummy bears (gummi bears? gummie bears? It’s too late for this.) earlier, and I was biting the heads/limbs off of different colored bears and sticking them together to make a FRANKENGUMMYBEAR. Someone walked by me while I was trying to surgically remove a bear’s leg with my teeth. They gave me an odd look. Whatever. Worth it.

And now my battery really is going to die, so I have to stop procrastinating and actually do my work. WOOHOO. MATH.

EDIT: “Look at you, getting your work done!” I congratulated myself as I walked home at 2:40 in the morning having finished the work for only one of the three classes I had the next day. (I think maybe I need to set higher standards for myself.)

It’s Friday, Friday…

Imagine for a moment that you’re me, and it’s the second Friday night of the semester. As everyone knows, you’ve gotta get down on Friday. (Can I get a “Woop woop!” for the outdated pop culture reference? Anyone? No?) How do you “get down”? Choose one of the following:

a) That’s easy. You’re gonna be “partyin’, partyin’, yeah!”
b) Oh, you’ll get down all right. In your bed. At eight o’clock. With only a nice supply of movies and your stuffed animals to keep you company.
c) Stop, drop, and roll. That’s all there is to it. Stop, drop, and roll, all night long.
d) Attempt to dig a hole to the center of the earth. With a plastic spoon.

Have you all chosen your answers? Well, what are you waiting for? Okay, now that everyone’s selected a response, let’s reveal the correct one!

Drumroll, please! (drumdrumdrumdrumdrumdrumdrumdrumdrumdrumdrumdrumdrumdrumdrumdrumdrumdrum) The answer is… B!

I live an exciting life.

Things I Gained From Working at a Summer Camp

1. Blonder hair
2. A really weird shorts and life jacket tan. (In addition, my legs are twelve times tanner than any other part of my body. One of my friends delighted in pointing out that my legs and face look like they belong to different people.)
3. A vast repertoire of campfire songs
4. New friends, some of whom are British, which means I have an excuse to visit the UK at some point!
5. A deep hatred of the songs “What Makes You Beautiful”, “Boyfriend”, and “Call Me Maybe”.
6. Quite a bit of sailing knowledge. (I was teaching sailing, and I think I learned more than the kids did.)
7. This lobster hat:

Admittedly, the hat is more of a result of being in Maine than of working at a summer camp. Whatever. Still counts.

Anyway, it was a decent summer. I made some good friends, had some good times, decided to never have kids. The usual. (Just kidding. I’ll probably still have kids at some point. Maybe. We’ll see.)

It’s good to be home, though it’s weird to have so much free time, especially because I’m so used to waking up early. During a normal summer, I wouldn’t get up until like one in the afternoon, which leaves very little time in a day, but I’ve woken up at 9:30 the past couple of days and haven’t know what to do with myself. I think I’m going to end up doing a lot of baking. Yesterday my mom and I experimented with making granola, and today I made zucchini bread. My dad requested that I make chocolate chip cookies, so that’s probably going to be tomorrow’s project. If I keep things up at this rate, I might run out of ideas for things to make soon. Any suggestions?

Basically, I have to find ways to occupy myself for ten days, and then I go back to school! Woot!


I’m almost done with finals! I just have one more tomorrow morning, and then I’m finished! I then have all weekend to hang out with my friends before my dad picks me up on Monday. (Admittedly, some of my friends are leaving on Saturday and Sunday, but three of them are staying until Monday, so it’ll be fun. Unfortunately, the dining hall closes on Friday, and I’m putting my dishes in storage tomorrow. I foresee lots of Easy Mac and plastic forks in my future.)

My Anthro final was today, and I’ve decided that my professor is awesome. There were seven short answer questions and then two essays, but the instructions for the essays included “Go to a place where you do your best thinking and where you have access to a computer. Enjoy the walk outside, the sunshine, and our beautiful campus.” We just had to have our essays turned in online by 5:30. Fantastic. Utterly fantastic. This meant that I got to
1) enjoy my walk in the sunshine back to my dorm for my laptop and then to one of the academic buildings.
2) find a place with a comfy chair and lots of windows and sunlight.
3) take solitaire breaks.
4) use Write or Die.
5) listen to music.
Best. Final. Ever. (I also think that I managed to write decent essays. So that’s good.)

Tomorrow I have my math final. I suspect that it’s going to be less awesome. But whatever. I’ll probably do fine anyway.

Dear WebMD,

There are probably some people who take you seriously. With your detailed lists of symptoms and nice little pictures, I’m sure you can be pretty convincing. But you know we don’t have that sort of relationship. You ruined that the moment you suggested I was experiencing severe kidney failure after I told you I was thirsty. (Just to be clear, there was no kidney failure involved. I just needed to drink a little water.)

So let’s DTR: When I use you, I’m not looking for an accurate diagnosis. I want to find a dramatically dangerous disease that kindofnotreally fits my symptoms so I can freak out about it a little bit. I want to go announce to my friends that you said I have something obscure and terrible-sounding so they can look skeptically at me and then go back to their homework.

The common cold? Boring. Seasonal allergies? Yeah, I knew that already. You really need to step up your game, mate.

And no, saying I’m pregnant doesn’t count.*


* P.S. If I were 12, I might have believed you. At some points, I’d managed to convince myself that I’d become pregnant with a clone of myself. Snakes do it sometimes, so why couldn’t I? I now realize that this is impossible, but nice try, WebMD. Nice try.

Assorted Happenings

1. I got a test back yesterday, and I wasn’t particularly happy with how well I did, so I glared angrily at it. Then when I went to put it away in my folder, it gave me a papercut! Rude.

2. For some reason, one of my friends and I ended up talking about fetuses, and I told her that while in the womb, fetuses actually pee into their amniotic fluid and then breathe it in. (One of the many wonderful things I’ve learned in Developmental Psych.) So I told her, “If you ever think you’ve hit rock bottom, remember that at least your aren’t breathing your own pee.” She replied that it was one of the more comforting things people have said to her lately.

3. I have some friends who live down my hall in a quad, and my roommate and I recently saw on facebook that they’d taken roomie pictures and posted them on facebook. So, naturally, we decided to do the same. Except with excessive makeup and weird outfits. (I’m wearing a snuggie, she a trench coat.)

4. My adviser is taking a year off for research next year, so I had to find someone to take her place until I declare a major. I asked my Anthro prof, and he agreed to do it, which is awesome. Unfortunately, he seems to be the sort of adviser who thinks he actually needs to discuss things with you. All I want is someone to sign my forms. He’s pretty cool guy, though, so maybe this will turn out okay.

5. Who’s taking a class on Children’s and Young Adult Lit next semester? THIS GIRL! Who’s also taking a 300-level math class even though ohmygodI’mtooyounghowisthispossible? THIS GIRL!

6. My friend stopped by my room to let me know that the work schedule for finals week was up, and I freaked out because “I don’t know when my finals are!” and all of the good shifts are snatched up pretty quickly. She thought this was hilarious. This may also have been partially because my roommate and I locked her out and were giggling hysterically because we were still wearing out outfits from the roomie pictures in number 3.

7. My friends and I got a triple! And it was one of our first choices! WOOT!

And yes, I wrote this entire post just to procrastinate on my math homework a little longer. (What? I’ve solved some of the problems. Almost half of them, even. I deserve a break! JK, no I don’t. I’ve been taking a break for the past several hours. #supercool)

P.S. For those of you on Pottermore, I’m ScarletThorn36. Let’s be friends.

Things I’m Excited About

– Spring Break is over, so people are back at school! I enjoyed relaxing by myself, but it was starting to get a little lonely. (I also finished the last season of Buffy, so I didn’t really know what to do with myself anymore.)
– Two of my friends and I applied for a triple, and we find out if we got one within the next week. We’re currently refusing to entertain the possibility that we won’t get one, and I’m really excited to live with them.
– I have a summer job! I’m going to be a camp counselor. This is awesome because 1) I have a job 2) I’ll be away from home 3) I love working with kids and 4) one of my friends has a job at the same camp!
– My family is coming to visit this weekend. My parents are pretty much just going to take me (and maybe a friend or two) out to dinner and then disappear, and my sister is staying with me in my dorm for a couple nights. WOOT! I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to manage to entertain her for a couple days, but I’m sure I can find a way.
– The weather. So Spring-y. I love it.

It’s almost Spring Break!

And I’m so glad. I’m two tests and almost all of a paper in, and I’ve got another paper, another test, and a presentation to go. Can I do it? Hell yeah, I can. Will I get enough sleep? No. No, I will not. It’s already 1:07, and I have an 8:30 class. Woot.

Beyond the work, there are other reasons I’m excited for break. It’s two weeks long, and unlike almost everyone else, I’m staying at school, so I just get to hang out in my room all day and watch movies. I’m pretty sure I’m going to reach a point when I realize that I haven’t actually put on clothes that weren’t pajamas for at least 48 hours. Awesome? Pathetic? I’m not sure yet.

Anyway, reasons I’m looking forward to Spring Break:
– I’m getting so sick of dhall food. I’ve been pretty much living on fries and rice for the past several days. Not happy. The dining hall is closed for break, so I’m going to have to make my own. I foresee lots of Easy Mac in my future. This should probably depress me, but compared to my current fare, that’s pretty much gourmet.
– My laundry situation is getting desperate. I’ve been running low on clothes for a week, but I’ve been determined to hold out until everyone else leaves so all of the machines will be free and I won’t end up having to hang my wet clothes all over my room because all of the dryers were taken. I’m down to my last pair of wearable pants, though, and I may or may not have bought myself a shirt at the bookstore to extend my wardrobe that one extra day. (In my defense, I’d been thinking about buying myself a shirt anyway. This just seemed like the opportune moment.)
– My roommate isn’t leaving immediately, so we’re going to hang out and just relax this weekend. You know, watch a movie. Possibly go bowling. Exciting stuff.
– I will not get out of my pajamas on Saturday. Mostly because I have to wash all of my other clothes, but partially because pajamas are awesome.
– I’ll have free time to practice guitar when no one is around to hear. I just recently started trying to teach myself to play, but I don’t like when people can hear me because it’s just so bad.
– Our library has an awesome movie selection, but they limit you to six movies at a time, so I had one of my friends check some out for me. Then I discovered that the library is actually staying open over break, but whatever. I still have twelve movies within reach of my bed. #winning
– Sleeeeeeeeep.


Y’all, I just dyed my hair. Not permanently–it’s the kind that theoretically washes out in a month or so, but guys. I dyed my hair.

The real question is whether or not I tell my parents before they see me over Spring Break. On one hand, it may have washed out by then. On the other hand, if it doesn’t, they might have a heart attack when they see me. Dilemmas.

In other news, a poster just Rickrolled me. It had a QR code and said, “Want free dining dollars? Scan the code, watch the video, and find out how!” I was skeptical, but I figured I might as well do it. And… well, you can figure out the rest.


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